yeldulknie conservation park

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Location: 10km North|East of Cleve
Description: The park comprises 3 major landform features including; steep-gullies, ridges and hills and a system of creeks and water ways. The vegetation association comprises mallee scrub; Eucalyptus dumosa, E. socialis, M. uncinata and M. lanceolata over very sparse to sparse shrub of M. uncinata. Understorey of Triodia, leptosperm, Dodonea, Correa, Acacia, Luecopogan and Pomodarus.
First proclaimed: 21/9/1989
Total area: 3297.17 hectares
Activities: Nature study, unsupported bush walking
Regulations: Fire restrictions
Access: Vehicle access
Contact: Port Lincoln NPWSA
Ph: 08 8688 3111
National Parks Office: 75 Liverpool St, Port Lincoln

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